A.I.S® designs, manufactures and markets hydrostatic manways and pressurised manholes following CODAP, EN 13445, ASME and 3A in compliance with PED 2014/68/EU.

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Additional offers

A.I.S® offers a wide range of rectangular, oval or round manholes, responding to 3A Standard.

Many options for doors and hatches

Equipped with seals responding to food standard, AIS manholes and access covers can also be fitted with the following options:
  • A safety grid for aseptic environments.
  • A seal disbandment system (Machine Directive), SY.M.O-2®, after the manholes installation on the production site, even in clean rooms.
  • Assistance for opening with a mechanical spring (Machine Directive) A.RE.M ® or A.RE.M-2®
  • A sight glasses (according to the DIN standard or SMS, Na-Connect) with or without lighting.…
  • A complete range of orbital, rotary or static washing heads, and also washing spheres or sprinkler spheres with 3-1 material certificate.

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Thanks to vast stock, A.I.S ® will respond to your most urgent requests.

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Our engineering office is able to study and design all your specific requests

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